The following explanations are aimed at giving an understanding of what water treatment types are available in the market.

Be aware many of these may not be suitable for your applications.

Please check with your WaterWise representative.


Has always played a critical role in equipment performance and longevity, as well as ingredient water quality for beverage flavors, cooking and drinking water applications.Proper water chemistry can insure a great tasting beverage or food product.

Since water quality varies throughout the world, so can the type of equipment necessary to treat water especially in challenging water conditions.There are various options available to treat water depending upon the ingredient water requirement or influent water problems.

In many cases a controlled level of hardness (calcium and magnesium) is required in the water to insure proper equipment function, pH balance or to enhance the flavor profile of a beverage.

WaterWise offers many types of water treatment products from basic carbon filtration, to ion exchange and reverse osmosis water purification equipment. Whatever your water treatment requirements, we can offer the right package at an affordable price, to meet any of your water treatment needs.

Applications include schools, restaurant, hospitality, office coffee, whole house, drinking water, process water, marine and RV, food and beverage, medical, dental and hospital.



Water delivered to most homes or businesses can be loaded with sediment that clogs valves, fixtures and irrigation systems. It can even reduce the life of water heaters, appliances and equipment. Well water can be loaded with sandy sediment and various types of sediment like silt and silica.

There are many types of sediment filters on the market that include automatic backwash tanks, bag filtration and cartridge filters for quick and easy replacement.Choosing the right filtration product is more of a challenge than most realize as the micron rating can be critical to pressure drop or frequent maintenance.

WaterWise offers a broad range of standard and specialty type sediment filtration products. Some filter products include scale reduction media incorporated into the cartridge. Whether the requirement is for a high flow sand filter or a fine whole house filter, we can find the right filter to meet your needs.


Reverse osmosis (RO) water purification technology is used in various industries from food equipment dispensing and cooking, to whole house residential filtration applications.

Choosing the right equipment for the right application is critical to insure that the right ingredient water is available. RO removes Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and contaminants that cannot be removed with simple mechanical filtration. Specific system packages can be offered to dial in the exact TDS to insure that the product water meets the application requirements.

WaterWise offers the most advanced design in membrane filtration technology for residential, light commercial and food equipment applications. We make it easy by providing turn key packages specific to your application requirements.



Filtration systems using Carbon Technology are commonly used in beverage applications, drinking water and RO system pretreatment applications.

Carbon filtration is made up of small particles of coconut shell carbon either in a Granulated Activated (GAC) form or designed into a solid carbon block to remove chemicals like chlorine, toxins, lead and pesticides to improve the taste, clarity and presentation of the water.There are many different aspects and removal efficiencies available with carbon filter technology depending upon the type of carbon used and the complexity of the matrix related to micron rating.

WaterWise offers a wide variety of solutions ranging from chlorine to chloramine reduction. You can also find various micron ratings and specific cartridges for lead reduction available and in stock.Whatever your water treatment needs we have the right solution for you.


Resin filtration has evolved over the last 20 years to become one of the most efficient technologies used in espresso, coffee and steamer applications. Reducing Scale (Calcium and Magnesium), specific types of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and many other contaminates in water that effect the flavor profile of a beverage can now be done in a single cartridge design.

Electronic monitoring and regulating have now set the standard in tracking the life of the filter cartridge based on total hardness and gallon usage. This innovative process takes the guess work out of knowing when your filtration life is spent.

Water Wise offers technology that allows you to dial in your water chemistry. Since water is the second most important ingredient in coffee and espresso products and 98% of coffee is water, the right water is critical in the beverage flavor profile. Dialing in the right level of minerals are essential in meeting the necessary flavor required to provide a great tasting beverage.


Scale build up is the result of hardness in the influent water supply most commonly found with high levels of calcium, lime and magnesium. These types of minerals can build up slowly over time if not properly treated.

The effects of hard water can be damaging to pipes, appliances and equipment. At the right level it can leave skin irritated, laundry stiff, dishes spotted, white build up on fixtures and eventual total equipment failure.

Water softening can provide many benefits in both residential and commercial applications as it exchanges hardness in the water supply for sodium.

WaterWise offers point of entry water softeners in various size with the best available control valves and resin medias. This is to insure continued performance and a long service life for all of your equipment and fixtures.