WaterWise LLC

Our core competence is water optimisation, through the correct filtration.
Our aim is to provide the right solution for the costly problems that unsuitable water creates in food and beverage production.

WaterWise offers water treatment solutions for any applications. From food equipment to residential drinking water, we have a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to your water treatment needs.

Established in 2015, WaterWise has developed critical partnerships with viable component manufacturer’s to bring you the best available technology at the most affordable prices.

Located near Knoxville, Tennessee and with stocking distributors covering North America, we inventory a wide range of components and systems from this location to all points in the market.

WaterWise would like to be your single source supplier and will work diligently to earn your business. Our experienced staff is ready and available to meet all of your water treatment needs.

Specialists in Water Treatment Solutions

Proud to be partnered with the global leading brands

Experts in the fields of coffee, vending, combi ovens, conventional ovens, dishwashing technology and ice machines

Innovative and design solutions for companies big and small

Expertise and assistance with finding the best solution for your business needs

Professional water filtration optimisation products for the Catering industry. Including Coffee Machines, Combi and Conventional Ovens, Vending Machines and accessories and spare parts

Proven and solvent products, which provide protection against limescale buildup, thereby increasing the lifespan for professional appliances

First class Customer Service

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MAVEA & WaterWise

MAVEA produced in Europe by one of the world’s leading research, design and manufacturers of water filter systems for drinking water, offer our products exclusively through our partner, WaterWise.



WaterWise specialise in catering to the demand for water optimisation, to a select sector of the Professional Catering industry.
We are proud to supply and deliver MAVEA products to all of our clients.

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Water Filters

Explore the complete range of our Professional MAVEA water filters.


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